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Walking for pleasure for 60 years

Prospective Membership Subscription

Information regarding Subscriptions

After you have completed the form and have clicked Process Subscription at the bottom, you will receive an email with your invoice. 
If you pay by Direct Debit, Cheque or Cash please select "Offline Payment" and your invoice will be set to pending.
Once the Treasurer has received your payment your status will be set to Active and you will receive a second email. 
Offline payment confirmation can take more than 48 hours as it is done manually.

If you pay via PayPal your subscription will be automatically active and the email you receive with the PDF invoice attachment can be printed out along with your new Membership Card. 
Membership Cards and Invoices are ONLY valid with an active status. Prospective Membership.

For Prospective Members applying for membership, please download and read the Code of Conduct and Guide to Bushwalking. 

It is not possible to become a member if this is not ticked.The Waiver is viewable below.
PayPal processing fee $2.00. If you have or are going to pay by cash, cheque or direct deposit please select Offline Payment.

Payment Information