Club Notice UPDATE

Greetings Fellow Walkers

The NWWC executive have updated the Covid19 walking & car pooling protocol:

  • walkers with cold and/or flu symptoms to refrain from walking
  • all walkers not of the same household to maintain a social distance of 1.5 metres
  • in the event of injury, the injured walker is to be administered first aid. IE the 1.5 metre social distance is to be disregarded to administer first aid
  • no singing, no yodeling

We have also an agreed covid19 meeting plan

  • attendees with cold and/or flu symptoms to refrain from joining the meeting  
  • register of meeting attendees to be recorded at meeting entrance by meeting officer or their delegate
  • hand sanitiser to be administered at meeting entrance
  • social distancing of 1.5 metres space between persons not of the same household
  • seats to be disinfected at conclusion of meeting
  • no singing, no yodeling

The first meeting will be Monday 20-Jul-2020 at the Apex house, 3 Gollan St, Ulverstone

If you have any comments or queries, please let me know.

Keep Walking!

Kent Lillico




Prospective Membership Plan

The Prospective Membership plan is valid for 6 months.
Please be sure to enter correct information.

Please read the information on this page if you have any questions regarding Prospective Membership.

Methods of payment can be found on the page during sign up.

If you have selected Offline payment you will be required to deposit the funds into the club bank account and it will be processed when the deposited funds are cleared. This can take a couple of days. After that you will be able to login the the website.

Duration: 6 months
Price: $20.00


logoNorth West Walking Club Inc.

General Information

PO BOX 107 Ulverstone, Tasmania 7320
Phone: (03) 6423 2844


The North West Walking Club conducted its first meeting on June the 6th, 1960, with the notion of forming a club to cater for bushwalkers and those who choose to simply walk for pleasure."Walking For Pleasure" remains the motto for the North West Walking Club which has a stable membership of 200 members, aged between eight to eighty plus, with varying levels of fitness.
The North West Walking Club meets twice a month at Apex House, 3 Gollan Street, Ulverstone from 7:30 PM and conducts a minimum of two walks each weekend, where new members are made most welcome and encouraged.

Being a non-profit organization, the club relies entirely upon membership fees to meet the running costs such as insurance, printing, (4 publications p.a.) walks programmes, room rental, track equipment and maintenance.

Members train and participate in Search and Rescue routines and call outs as they arise, while other members volunteer their time and skills to other areas pertaining to preservation of many vital aspects of our environment. 

In 1974, the North West Walking Club was involved in the construction of walking tracks in the Dial Range.
This project was a joint effort which included Parks, Forestry, the Penguin Council, funding from the Federal Government and many individuals.
Today, the Dial Range remains a popular area for many diverse Recreational Users.
Today the track, known as the Penguin Cradle Trial is a challenging link between the coastal township of Penguin and Cradle Mountain.

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The Penguin Cradle Trail

Work started late 1975 and by 1978 all sections of the track had progressed well. By March 1979 the track was nearing completion to the point where it could be put into operation. 

It is a walk of approximately 80kms and offers diversity of appeal and attraction for those seeking a picturesque picnic location to a true wilderness experience. 
Features include historical, geological, a variety of forests and flora, exquisite fauna, a canyon, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, mountains and ranges. 
To date magazines and authors (John Cannon, John Chapman, Nic Haygarth and Tyron Thomas) have and continue to acknowledge the Penguin Cradle Trail. 

For persons wishing to become a Prospective member of the North West Walking Club, please read all the information on these pages

As a priority, please read the “Code of Conduct”, the “Guide to Bushwalking for Prospective Members” and the “Membership Risk Waiver” documents. Acceptance of the “Membership Risk Waiver” is a condition of becoming a Prospective/Member of the club, this acceptance is in the registration page.

The fields in the registration page with a red asterisk are a required field.

Full details of membership are in our Constitution, however an outline of the two classes of membership are as follows:
Senior and Junior Membership - complete three day walks (or two day walks and one overnight walk) to the satisfaction of the relevant coordinators and attend a training session, before approval by the Club Executive.

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Walks Program

This program is issued quarterly. Copies are available on the Website, at the Club Meetings, all good bush walking shops and at local information centres.

If interested in a walk, register on the Walks Register, which is circulated during the Club meeting before the walk, or contact the Coordinator on or before the Wednesday prior to the walk.

The walks program is generated dynamically from our database.

As the new walks are processed they will appear under the "Public Walks List" menu.

There will be times that only a few walks will be visible towards the end of the season, so check back regularly to view the new and upcoming events.

The currents walks program can be found above under the menu "Public Walks List"


Walking with the Club



To participate in a club walk, you must join as a prospective member by firstly completing an Application for Membership form. This will allow you then to participate in all club activities.

Your prospective membership is valid for 6 months and a fee of $20.00 is payable to the Membership Officer (at Club Meetings) or Coordinator (on your first walk) or by direct deposit, details can be found on the application form.
During this six month period you are expected to take the necessary steps to become a full member. This basically involves undertaking and completing 3 walks and attending a Training Day.  There is a section on the Application for Membership form that allows the Coordinators to comment on your walking ability during the qualifying period.

If you are not able to complete these membership requirements and wish to extend your prospective membership you must contact the Membership Officer to discuss.

The Club meets as programmed at Apex House, 3 Gollan Street. Proceedings get underway at 7:30pm.

We have guest speakers often and media presentations. These meetings offer a great chance to extend your contact with Club members and meet new friends. Bush walking can be a strenuous pastime.
You are expected to have a reasonable level of health and fitness before undertaking any walk.

Apex House, 3 Gollan St, Ulverstone
3 Gollan Street,Ulverstone,Tasmania,

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The North West Walking Club was formed in April 1960 with an initial membership of 20.

It has now grown considerably. In addition to bush walking, the Club organises activities which feature other outdoor pursuits.

The activities are detailed in the Club Magazine and Walks Programme.

The Club aims to follow the principle of Minimal Impact Bushwalking.

The Club has maintained throughout its history a personal, friendly and social atmosphere through varied and regular social functions.

Code of Conduct

If you are not viewing the PDF for Code of Conduct you can download it here -> Code of Conduct

Guide to Bushwalking For Prospectives

If you are not viewing the PDF for Guide to Bushwalking for Prospectives you can download it here -> Bushwalking Guide


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The NWWC operates all club activities on a peer to peer basis.

Peers have equal rights and responsibilities.
Thus each Participant in Club activities bears the primary responsibility for their own well-being and safety: all Participants must know and accept this to limit liability.

It is a requirement for Club Membership.

Please read the Code of Conduct download here CODE OF CONDUCT 

Please read the Information sheet for Prospective Members
Download Guide to Bushwalking for Prospective members


In voluntarily participating in any activity of the North West Walking Club I am aware that this may expose me to risk that could lead to injury, illness, death or loss of or damage to property. I accept that Coordinators are untrained volunteers who organise activities commensurate with my being self-reliant. I accept full responsibility for ensuring my own well-being and will cooperate with others to ensure I do not put anyone at increased risk.
Risks may include but are not limited to slippery, loose and / or uneven surfaces, rocks being dislodged, falling at edges of cliffs or drops or elsewhere, scrub, foul weather, snow, ice, strong wind, risks associated with crossing creeks, hypothermia, heat exhaustion, bites, vehicle failures, being lost and poor or no communication. I am aware of and accept there may be no first aid available on Club trips.
To minimise these risks I will endeavour to ensure: That any activity in which I participate is within my capabilities and that I am carrying food, water and equipment appropriate for the activity. I agree to advise the activity Coordinator if I am taking any medication or have any physical or other limitations that might affect my participation in any Activity.
I will make every effort to remain with the Party during any Activity and accept a consensus of the Party or instruction from the Coordinator of the activity.I have read or heard and understand the requirements, I have considered the risks before choosing to sign this Waiver. I still wish to participate in the activities of the North West Walking Club. I agree by accepting this form to waive any claim for damage, loss, injury or death arising from any Club activity that I, my executors and assigns may have against the club, the Coordinator or other Participants in tort or contract.

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Once you have completed your qualifying walks and have attended the Training Session,

your application for membership will be presented to the Club.

Upon acceptance and payment of fees, you will become a member


These are programmed at regular intervals throughout the year (usually one per quarter).

Coordinators, as prospective members usually do not get to see forthcoming events, please remind then at your walks of the need to complete a training day in order to become a full member of the club.

Its time again for prospective members who have not already done so, to get their training completed to qualify to become a senior member. Please register early.

Date TBA

Everybody Welcome.
Coordinator TBA
Contact Phone
Walks Grade: N/A
Additional Instructions:
Meeting Point:
The scheduled start time is TBA
Registrations close TBA
Event Duration: TBA

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This programme is issued quarterly. Copies are available on the Website, at the Club Meetings, all good Bushwalking Shops and at local Information Centres. If interested in a walk, register on the Walks Register, which is circulated during the Club Meeting before the walk, or contact the Coordinator on or before the Wednesday prior to the walk.


The 'North West Walker' is published quarterly to keep members up to date on walks information and other activities of the Club. As a prospective member you can purchase a copy from the Treasurer. Once you have qualified as a senior/junior member, you will receive the Walker as part of your membership and have access to the Members' area on the website.


NWWC walks are graded from 1 to 6. Grade 1 being the easiest. Prospective members may find their first walk quite hard so easy walks are recommended as a start.Some walks may be “through walks” and as such all members must be fit enough to complete the distance. Generally, with higher grades the breaks become shorter and the walking speed increases. Please check with the Coordinator about specific descriptions of conditions to be encountered on programmed walk.

Grade 1: Relatively easy terrain with mainly on track or beach walking.

Grade 2:
Relatively easy terrain with mainly on track walking at mid level altitude.

Grade 3:
Mid level altitude and may involve some time spent through trackless open bushland. Reasonable level of fitness required.

Grade 4:
Mountain track and may include scrub, steep uphill walking and / or rock hopping. Good level of fitness required.

Grade 5:
Mountain off track, similar to Grade 4 with longer distances, or steeper uphill walking, or other conditions adding to walking difficulty. Suitable for fit people with extensive walking experience.

Grade 6:
Strenuous walking covering longer distances and /or very difficult terrain. Suitable only for very fit walkers with extensive experience.

Please note: The NWWC Grading System does not take into account changing weather conditions.


It isn't necessary to purchase all of your equipment at once as you won't need everything immediately. Take some time to discover what type of walking you like, observe other walkers' gear on trips and consult experienced walkers. You'll find that gear is a favourite subject.
The following is considered essential for a day walk:

Day pack (large enough for all your gear) Strong comfortable boots

Layers of clothing (thermals or wool, no jeans) Good quality raincoat

Hat, gloves and spare thermals Water and food

First-aid kit and personnel medical items Change of clothes left at the car


Let someone know before you go

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