I acknowledge, accept and agree that:
  • To participate in Club activities I am required to read and accept the Membership Risk Waiver document (and annually at the time of membership renewal).
  • Coordinator’s may not be aware of all potential hazards or inherent dangers and can exclude any Participant they believe may have difficulty completing the activity.
  • Separate waivers may be required for some activities.
  • A different Risk Waiver is required for visitors, responsible persons and guardians. (please enquire to the Membership Officer or Executive Member)
  • I will abide by the rules of the Club, Constitution, By-Laws and Code of Conduct. (all available on the Website)
  • I have read and agree with the Risk Waiver.

The NWWC operates all club activities on a peer to peer basis.
Peers have equal rights and responsibilities.
Thus each Participant in Club activities bears the primary responsibility for their own well-being and safety.
All Participants must know and accept this to limit liability.
It is a requirement for Club Membership.


In voluntarily participating in any activity of the North West Walking Club I am aware that this may expose me to risk that could lead to injury, illness, death or loss of or damage to property.
I accept that Coordinators are untrained volunteers who organise activities commensurate with my being self-reliant.
I accept full responsibility for ensuring my own well-being and will cooperate with others to ensure I do not put anyone at increased risk.
Risks may include but are not limited to slippery, loose and / or uneven surfaces, rocks being dislodged, falling at edges of cliffs or drops or elsewhere, scrub, foul weather, snow, ice, strong wind, risks associated with crossing creeks, hypothermia, heat exhaustion, bites, vehicle failures, being lost and poor or no communication. I am aware of and accept there may be no first aid available on Club trips.
To minimise these risks I will endeavour to ensure:
That any activity in which I participate is within my capabilities and that I am carrying food, water and equipment appropriate for the activity. I agree to advise the activity Coordinator if I am taking any medication or have any physical or other limitations that might affect my participation in any Activity.
I will make every effort to remain with the Party during any Activity and accept a consensus of the Party or instruction from the Coordinator of the activity.

I have read or heard and understand the requirements, I have considered the risks before choosing to agree to this Waiver. I still wish to participate in the activities of the North West Walking Club. I agree by accepting this form to waive any claim for damage, loss, injury or death arising from any Club activity that I, my executors and assigns may have against the club, the Coordinator or other Participants in tort or contract.

I have agreed and accepted these conditions by selecting "Accept Waiver Conditions" on my subscription form and by clicking "I accept" to the Terms and Conditions also on the Subscription form.