North West Walking Club inc.
This program is issued quarterly. Copies are available on the Website, at the Club Meetings, all good bushwalking shops and at local information centres.
If interested in a walk, register on the Walks Register, which is circulated during the Club meeting before the walk, or contact the Coordinator on or before the Wednesday prior to the walk.

For all information regarding membership please click here Membership

Full details of membership are in our Constitution, however an outline of the three classes of membership are as follows:

  1. Senior and Junior Prospective Membership Complete three day walks (or two day walks and one overnight walk)to the satisfaction of the relevant coordinators and attend a training session. 
  2. Associate Membership As approved by the Executive Committee. 


The NWWC operates all club activities on a peer to peer basis.
Peers have equal rights and responsibilities.
Thus each Participant in Club activities bears the primary responsibility for their own well-being and safety: all Participants must know and accept this to limit liability. It is a requirement for Club Membership.

Code of conduct is available for download here CODE OF CONDUCT

Download the Guide to Bushwalking for Prospective members

On 7th October 2013 ongoing, our meeting time will change from 7:45pm to 7:30pm. Please make a note of this time change so that you arrive on time - wouldn’t want to see you embarrassed about arriving late. 

Visitors are most welcome at our meetings, which are held at the Ulverstone High School on the first and third Monday of each month.